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From “Nara,
which has no oceans”
“the oceans of the world”

Representative Director:Nobuaki Mizuno

Since its establishment over 60 years ago, Mizuno Strainer Industries Co., Ltd. has continually faced challenges found in the world’s oceans as a specialist strainer manufacturer. We have been able to stably maintain our business thanks to the unwavering support of our business partners and suppliers from the founding of our company until now, and the efforts and enthusiasm of our employees who work hard to create good products. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks to all of you.

We have continued to create strainers which remove impurities from water and oil, and continued to build our experience and achievements related to the filtering of water and oil. However, there are still unexplored areas where phenomena we have not yet experienced occur, such as the environmental problems arising all over the world, where the importance of strainers continues to grow. We will continue to strive to be a company that can be relied upon to stand side-by-side with our customers, to contribute to the solution of these issues, and to be relied upon so that customers can believe "Mizuno will know the answer" and "Mizuno can handle it".

The manufacturing environment has also changed significantly over these past 60 years, and I believe that we will always need to continue developing and growing in order to maintain our unchanging quality and advance our techniques and technologies. We will continue to value our core beliefs, maintained since the founding of the company, of "be humble" and "it is the heart that is important", and we will continue to change, create, and face challenges, moving ever forward so that we can take on "large jobs all over the world" while being a "a small company from Nara".


Company Profile

Location5-41, Zaimoku-cho, Yamato-Takada-city,
Nara-pref. 635-0011, Japan
Phone +81-745-52-0581
Fax +81-745-22-6005
Incorporated date1st March, 1959.
Paid up capitalJapanese Yen 10,000,000-
Representative DirectorNobuaki Mizuno
Main function & product linesManufacturing, planning and selling of various strainers and filters for use of ships and factories sited on land.
●Cast iron strainer
●Steel plate strainer
●Other strainers and filters specially designed
No. of employees35
Annual turnoverJapanese Yen 1,000,000,000-
BanksResona Bank Limited, Kashihara Branch.
The Nanto Bank, Ltd., TakadaHonmachi Branch.
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd. Nara Branch.

Our history

March 1959Hiroyoshi Mizuno who was born in Gifu Prefecture founded Mizuno Valve Industries in Kitakyobate-cho, Nara City as a manufacturer of cast iron valves for ships.
June 1961Reorganized as Mizuno Valve Industries Co. Ltd
February 1964Head office and factory moved to newly built facilities in Yamatotakada City.
May 1968Name changed to Mizuno Strainer Industries Co. Ltd and made a new start as a specialized manufacturer of marine strainers.
February 1974Purchased 1,550 m² of land from the city and expanded the factory.
April 1974Introduced an NC machining center (50CN) and NC lathe which was a first in the marine valve industry.
November 1977Paid-up capital increased to 10 million yen.
November 1981Founding President Hiroyoshi Mizuno passed away and Yoshiko Mizuno was appointed as President and CEO.
July 1982Accredited as a factory authorized to use Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) labeling.
September 1991Introduced a CAD system (MICRO CADAM) for design.
March 1994Updated the 500 mm horizontal machining center (10 pallets).
April 1997Introduced a 1,600 mm bore face center.
October 1999Started to procure castings from China.
March 2002Introduced an IGV 1,000 mm CNC vertical grinding machine.
December 2002ISO9001:2000 certification
April 2006President Yoshiko Mizuno was awarded the Medal with Yellow Ribbon.
May 2006Acquired JIS product certification.
November 2006Built the Magarikawa Branch Plant in Kashihara City, Nara Prefecture and Introduced a 800 mm horizontal machining center to expand production capacity.
March 2008Introduced a 3D CAD/CAE CATIA system.
June 2008Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as one of the "300 Dynamic Monozukuri (Manufacturing) SMEs".
August 2008Started to procure castings from Thailand.
October 2010Introduced a new design of can water strainer with a maximum diameter of 650A made of cast iron to accommodate larger ships.
April 2010Introduced a 5-axis vertical machining center with a Φ630 mm × 520 mm turning center.
April 2013Yoshiko Mizuno is appointed Chairman and Nobuaki Mizuno is appointed President and CEO.
April 2014Exhibited at the SEA JAPAN 2014 (Tokyo) maritime exhibition (first time to exhibit in Japan).
May 2014Introduced a new production control system.
May 2015Exhibited at BARISHIP 2015.
July 2015Introduced a KBT11 table-type CNC horizontal medium milling machine.
October 2016Renewed ISO9001:2015/JISQ9001:2015 certification.
June 2019Introduced 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS.
December 2019Exhibited at the MARINTECH CHINA 2019 (Shanghai) maritime exhibition (first time to exhibit overseas).
March 2020Introduced a CVG-9 900 mm CNC vertical grinding machine.

Main equipment

1600mm boa face-center(BFC1600)1 Unit
800mm machining-center(NH8000)1 Unit
1400mmx1750mm Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine(KBT-11Z)1 Unit
630mm machining-center (HG630)1 Unit
500mm machining-center (HN50D,HN50E)2 Unit
1600mm NC vertical later (VT4-16N)1 Unit
1000mm NC turning-center (TDC2-10NS)1 Unit
510mm Vertical MC (NEXUS 510C)1 Unit
1400mm vertical lathe1 Unit
1000mm Vertical CNC grinding machine (IGV-10N)1 Unit
900mm CNC Vertical Multi-Process grinding machine (CVG-9)1 Unit
350mm NC grinding machine (OGM350EXⅢ)1 Unit
12” CNC Turning center (QTN300)1 Unit
15” Mill-center lathe (INTE400)1 Unit
10” CNC Turnig center (QTN250)1 Unit
10” 1‐saddle CNC lathe (LB300EX)1 Unit
15” NC lathe (TG40)1 Unit
Table type boring machine2 Unit
Lathe4 Unit
Swing type hydraulic shear (SHS)1 Unit
3 rolls bending machine1 Unit
Quick bender (BU-S)1 Unit
Spot welding mahine3 Unit
Semi-automtic welding machine2 Unit
TIG welding machine2 Unit